Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Scene Composition

Built some more assets today, as well as them being unwrapped and normal'd.
Also been considering scene composition and asset placement. playing around with a scene that tells a story, in the above pictures, It suggests a group of people were huddled around a fire listening to the wireless. It doesn't work 100% looking at the screenshot, but its a good form of experimentation. I am not sure an informal, cosy approach is the most appropriate as it is an upper class establishment. Cleanliness and conformity are key themes in such a house. I also thought adding an old 1940's-esque wireless would provide a reason to include some ambient music in the level as well establish what time period the scene is set in, despite its timeless architecture. 

-Added a wireless model
-Added the Bench
-Completed the chair
-Unwrapped and Normal'd
-Need to complete the texturing

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