Thursday, 1 December 2011


Casa Batlló Final Major Project Brief

My objective is to create a realistic, contemporary and accurate recreation of the Antoni Gauidi’s “Casa Batlló.” The final design will be imported into the Unreal Engine Kit Engine and be presented to the highest quality. The focus of the project will be the organic architectural qualities of the building, and attention to detail will be important for overall production value.

Set in Barcelona, the environment naturally exploits a few key elements; harsh sunlight provides a direct contrast in lighting and is used as a key feature to provide the scene with character rather than relying on secondary assets. The street scene provides ambient noise and context to the location, suggesting a congested and lively city background. The genre is a first person explorative, adventure game. The story is told through the environment and use of dynamic actors, such as interactive objects and narration. The aim is to create a scene that is a believable as possible to sell the story to the player. Gameplay has less of an impact in terms of combat or puzzle solving, but has to be considered in terms of creating an interesting tale. I want to create a world that presents itself in a unique way; the setting is culturally rich with numerous options for exciting development.


-3d Studio Max, Modelling

-Unreal Development Kit




-Microsoft Word & Excel


Designed for the latest high end PC’S to maximise visual quality, and reduce limitations of console versions.


Triangle count - 50,000

Texture Budget

Building textures, 4 x 1024 & 8 x 512

Assets, 2 x 1024

Photo realistic quality



Modular building assets;



Structural columns



Interior Assets

Very few assets due to the unusual nature of the environment, the detail and focus is the building itself rather than the objects that fill it;

Classical ornaments

Light fittings

Interior decorations